Yerevan, Armenia

Bio: Everything started back in 201….In an almost hopeless effort to make up a shortened (and erratic) version of my name (which is perhaps a little too long even for the elaborate Armenian language) friends picked up Siri. “So sweet of them to associate me with an app:)!”, I thought with self-irony. (Strangely, I’m not even an Apple fan and sometimes only entertain myself with Google Touch 🙂 . Indeed, my beloved friends thought of a very relevant nickname: it perfectly fit in the theme and content of my future blog entries! (NB: Siri is an iOS application which acts as a virtual personal assistant). At Siri’s Room, I will share life-tested practical tips and solutions to different kinds of situations we all have come across or are still to experience – from how to write accurate motivation letters and resumes up to how to rock a frock at a party. Don’t you worry, this is the most egotistic post in the blog (count the number of “I”, “me” in the article and see why). I’ll mostly focus on you and your affinities. So, welcome to my room , be comfortably seated and savor the moments together:) Best Wishes, Sirvard (Siri) Amatuni

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