Tales of depression and victory: Sunday kind of blues


Life is unfair, especially towards Mondays 🙂

Why are they dubbed ‘blue’, ‘tough’ and even ‘horrific’? It’s Sunday that deserves the epithets.

Sunday is a rare bitch. Even if you’re a free-spirited self-employed person with already fading memories of the cubicle life. But still, you’ve got the scratchy feeling in the throat once the Medusa of Sunday shoots a devastating look at you.

Indigo blue mixed with gray spots in between. This is the color of Sunday. And it always smells and feels like rain.It’s also a day of seeing my therapist. A good reason to wake up in the morning and cheer yourself up (and cheat yourself) with cheesy affirmations.

Sunday can zeroize all your efforts of the week: just like that. It’s a PMS bitch. Even though you don’t have to fear the idea of Monday – as it’s a regular day with a chunk of freelance work from home – you feel the jitters.

Again, the blues will squeeze in the most cowardly way. ..Out of nowhere – it seems. But in the middle of crying you will catch the thought. Mostly – it’s the overarching feeling of despair. Stronger than all of the cheesy affirmations and scarier than the fear of public speaking. You know it will go away, but you also feel it is not going to leave you any time soon. All you want is just to get rid of it. Swallow a dozen of antidepressants. Cry yourself out of the despair. Scream – a scary but effective option. Beat the pillow. Beat yourself. Go away. Disappear… The most frequent wish.

Suddenly you feel all the tears are gone. No power to hold a tear. And total emptiness.

No single wish. Peace. “I don’t care” mood. Just an insatiable desire to sleep. Sleep.

Sleep…More and more. As you don’t feel like greeting the sun in the morning. It’s just a shitty ball of fire which unfortunately brings a new day to the world and one has to wake up and live it. A sad prospect, as all you want to do is disappear in the blackest hole of the universe.  It’s Sunday – you think – and it’s only natural. Monday will repeat itself and Tuesday will be bearable. Just live until Tuesday. And then – you’ll see.

The thought is comforting. It will not last forever. Nothing lasts forever. It shall pass, too…

To be continued with solutions to Sunday syndrome


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