5 taboo phrases you should never tell your single female friends

There are phrases to be avoided while dealing with a single person

There are phrases to be avoided while dealing with a single person

My personal life has never been a piece of strawberry cake lately. Actually, I haven’t recently had one in the first place ( to judge it in terms of good and bad). After my latest failed endeavor, I just dropped my guns and quit the personal front. Travel, career and family- this is what I substituted the romance, dating and love with.

I don’t complain. It’s been a life of a happy single surrounded with happy couples J However, this seemingly idyllic life (which undoubtedly is better than being in a rotten or dead-end relationship) is often challenged by supposedly well-intended phrases thrown here and there to cheer your single soul up.  I’m sure the intentions are most noble and sincere, but they do backfire.

So, I decided to deliberately stop narration of the last part of my trip (so urgent the topic was!) and  brought together top 5 phrases that have just the opposite effect on single women. Here we go! (NB: Hey, I haven’t always been single, and I’m guilty of making these mistakes, so the examples are life-tested from both sides).

  1. “It’s okay, enjoy your time alone (with your friends, family, hobbies and whatever)”. Well, with a couple of hobbies, great friends and nice family, that’s what I’m doing now (and many others, too, I hope). But thanks for reminding 😉
  1. “Just wait- the right person will show up at the most unexpected moment”. No comment. Just a nod. I myself am a protagonist of whole concept of “right person at right time”. But believe me it is of no use when on a particularly dismal winter evening you eagerly desire he were by your side here and now.
  1. But, at the same time: “Hurry up! You’re already 25+.” Well, my answer in such cases is something like: “Okay, set me up with a super nice man. Oh, you don’t know one? Then, I like my life of a happy single as it is for now. Bye”.
  1. My favorite “Any news in private life?” (Especially when the curious one is just a neighbor who you meet once a decade or a colleague who you can’t but see every day…unwillingly ;)). Believe “the news” you would be at least holding my hand at the moment of your asking. I know but a few other questions that can be so annoyingly inappropriate (with the “When are you planning a baby” topping the list).
  1. You’re a strong woman, men are intimidated by them”. One correction: men (if you know what type of a man I mean) are not so easily intimidated (if yes, then I don’t even consider the option), especially by a strong and a bit bitchy woman (if you know what type of a woman I mean). So, dear strong women, go on with your self- and career-development and never lower the bar.

Actually, all these taboos boil down to a common conclusion: as long as possible, just bypass the topic. Talk about art, nature and even your neighbor’s wedding but not the prospects of private life of your (happily) single friend, colleague or neighbor. Unless you know a super nice guy who could be a match for her 🙂


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