A foreword to my BeNe adventures

I heart Amsterdam

I heart Amsterdam

What can be better than travelling? Especially after the pre-vacation overload at work. Perhaps, coming back home with fresh ideas and at the same time lingering sadness over the sweet vacation days and sharing the travel adventures on the blog post.  Actually, finding time- is the key phrase in the previous sentence, as I’m yet to settle after the vacation ( a kind of stay-cation after my va-cation):)

My dear followers, I do promise I’ll be sharing all (or almost all) the experiences in Holland and Belgium with some useful tips if you happen to traverse these wonderful countries, which I strongly recommend! So, the next few entries will be devoted to my trip and also the summer school I attended during these unforgettable 12 days in the countries of tulips and fries (yes, Belgian fries- NB:!).

P.S. Feel free to confront me if your perceptions of these countries are different from mine. What I learnt (among other things) from these people, is to be more tolerant to others’ opinions:)


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