The power of eating together

Dining together is a nice tradition

Dining together is a nice tradition

Every May, I involuntarily re-live the darkest period in my life 6 years ago. A tragedy happened in my family – we lost our aunt in a dreadful accident. I don’t want to go into the details of this bereavement – even now the memory of it is piercing my heart with thousand of darts. Human memory is an amazing mechanism: it filters the negative (even in our case) and squeezes the positive out of each experience.I mostly recall that feeling that the spiritual links between our family members strengthened at that time. We shared our grief and found consolation in each other during dinners together. Every day we would gather at granny’s, make food together, lay the table and eat in silence. We could feel that no matter how hard it was we ought to keep living and making each other happy.There was something very sacred in this dining ritual. It was only in those minutes together that we could forget about our grief for a few minutes – day by day, when the pain eased eventually. Then everyone got back to the normal life. And, unfortunately, we forgot the powerful ritual.

Now I’m thinking of restoring this nice family tradition- eating together. At least once a week. We all are so busy carving out careers, building relationships, partying and networking, that we deem family traditions such as eating together outdated. We forget the simple joys of life- family gatherings and the luxury of sharing our ideas and emotions at a dinner or supper. Eating together is not a mechanical act. Sharing food made with love is an empowering and enlivening experience. And a tragedy doesn’t have to happen for you to get together and practice the fulfilling ritual of eating together. Life’s not short if we learn how to extend the pleasure of being with our loved ones.


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