Myth debunker: How to fight Monday-phobia

gmo-runsystem-monday-morningTo most of us, Mondays are miserable, scary, frustrating (complete the list on your own). It turns out there is even “blue Monday” – the last Monday of January- which is the worst day of the year, and some counsellors offer ”Blue Monday” help! (NB: I had a productive morning and almost Friday-night-out- evening on January 26, the last Monday of 2015).

It’s ridiculous. A cultural myth permeating the offices and infecting workers with sluggishness, anxiety and series of yawns. A stereotype that has already been dispelled by statistics. According to US surveys,  around 340,000 people claimed to feel no worse on Mondays than other working days, except for Friday mentioning that sweet ”Friday feeling”.

So, what makes Monday so unjustly dubbed as “miserable”? The answer is obvious. It is the contrast in mood from Sunday to Monday that made Monday so loathed by the employed people. (Here’s the first thing to ponder over. Even though you hate Monday, it’s still better than never-ending week-end of the out-of-work). So, to smooth the contrast, you should start as early as Sunday evening.

Plan ahead something exciting for Monday evening – a rock/classical/jazz concert, sushi with friends, massage, SPA or intensive workout- whatever empowers you and creates an anticipation-mood.

A rule of thumb: to fight Monday-phobia, as any other phobia, you should face it and turn it into something more enjoyable and less scary in your mind. Manipulate your mind the way you treat Monday as any other weekday. Imagine it’s the promising Thursday and even liberating Friday! Feeling more at ease, aren’t you?

P.S. I admit I often find myself surrendering to the mainstream ”Monday blues” at the office or Facebook. But the thought that I’ll be jogo-ing at the capoeira class brings me back to the Friday-zoneJ


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