How to survive (and even thrive) in winter

Well, this is an almost classic topic for a post-vacation, well-pigged-out yet low-profile period. (Don’t even try to persuade me you fit in all your garments: I know they’re a bit too tight now ;) .

From my personal experience, the most effective “tool” is to take up the Zen-attitude of accepting the unchangeable and stoically surviving till spring, at least. But this is what we all fall short of and search for more hands-on solutions (Other than hibernation till March 1).

I personally enjoy winters (or, at least, I have convinced myself of it for already a couple of years) as long as I make myself do the following:

1. Persuade/force/ even curse myself to move to my favorite capoeira lesson even if it’s freezing cold outside. It may be gym, swimming pool or a dancing ground in your case- whatever sets your motions and mind in motion. I know, I know it’s hard. Warm blankets with tea or hot chocolate in front of a (stupid) TV show seem more appealing, don’t they?  The first step is the toughest. Once you start- you will go on more smoothly. For those who feel so attached to their office chair, here is the solution (beware of the boss and nerdy colleagues, though) – a video for the laziest:)

2. Try some winter fun. I mean skating and skiing.  It’s widely proved that besides physical benefits, ice skating, for instance, can improve mental fitness. When I concentrate on how to balance your body not to find my uncomfortable seat on the ice, I shake away the mental noise and feel more centered. NB: to be on  the safe side, find a competent traumatologist beforehand .

3.Head for spa. Personally, I prefer to skimp money on shopping and instead indulge in sauna or relaxing massage sessions. The only caveat here is to find yourself in warm clothes not to follow with sneezing sessions.

4. And finally, develop a bit I-don’t-care-for-anything attitude (”пофигизм” (English transliteration – pofigism) – as Russians say). Never mind if your curls don’t look that fabulous under a fur-cap or that your nose freezes to redness making you resemble Rudolf of Santa Claus. Creative mess is quite trendy now, and as for red nose…well, that’s not the end of the world.

It’s us that create the weather within and that’s what makes the real difference.

P.S. For those who are most concerned about winter and its consequences on hair, here’s an effective homemade mask to apply:

Mix virgin olive oil with other ingredients such as banana, OR just use on its own; apply to warm and damp hair  (not too much or risk not being able to wash it off). If your hair is greasy, apply only on tips. Wrap either a warm towel  over your hair and wait for 20 minutes, then rinse. Once a week will do. Voila!


4 thoughts on “How to survive (and even thrive) in winter

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